Paintball at Happy Valley

We operate the largest paintball theme park in Nelson. The recognised leader in corporate paintball events, we also provide first class entertainment to the general public. Our paintballing sites offer a huge variety of specially themed paintball action, featuring forts, villages, trenches, creeks and much more. Happy Valley takes every necessary measure to ensure each individual’s personal safety. We follow government guidelines in relation to health and safety for all visitors to our paintballing sites.


All paintball players receive a full briefing before the day’s battle commences, covering proper use of the paintball equipment and with an emphasis on safety precautions. The attire that paintballing players will be required to wear is also issued at the beginning of the game and includes padded jackets, black pants and full face non-fogging masks for extra protection.

How much will it cost to play?

The cost of a game is $25.00 per person which covers the use of face mask, thermal goggles, camouflage overalls, semi-automatic paintball gun, CO2 and 50 paintballs to start. Extra paintballs are available during the game at $10 per 50, $20 per 180.

Does it hurt?!

The referee staff at Happy Valley Paintball ensure that all the correct standards of the game are followed. Every paint guns are checked for velocity (chronograph) before every game so that the paintballs are flying at less than 290 feet per second. At these speeds, the ball’s impact is more startling than painful, something like the quick sting of a fat rubberband.

Do I need to show up with a team or have a reservation to play?

Happy Valley Paintball is open to the public 7 days a week, 9am-5pm (summer) 10 am – 3 pm(winter), and reservations are needed. We require at least 8 people to make a game however you may be able to join in with a group. Teams will be divided so that they are evenly matched while allowing players who want to play together to do so. Private games are also available by reservation.

What time should I arrive? How long are the games?

Sign-in should be no less than 15 minutes prior to your booked time. Games generally end when the opposition’s captured flag is hung or when a pre-arranged time is called. Games can last up to two or three hours, or more than one shorter game can be played.

What do I wear?

Please bring sturdy footwear, camera and old clothing. You are welcome to bring your own camouflage or dark colored clothing (paintballs marks wash out). We supply protective gear and it is included in the price.

What is the terrain like?

Happy Valley Paintball has two scenario fields, the most popular of which is the Village Field. This is set in a small valley with a stream running through the middle. There are buildings, bushes and dugouts. Other locations are available on request.

‘Thank you for one of the most memorable experiences – our group visited over 3 months ago and to this day I’m still talking about it!’
Katherine, Australia


$25 per player, includes all equipment plus your first 50 paintballs.
Games 1 -3 hrs.
Starting Times 10am or 1.30pm