Fly the Skywire

The World’s longest flying fox adventure – in Nelson!

Set high on forest hills above the sea and river valleys this is an amazing innovation and a superb eco ride. You soar like a bird for over 3km, up to 150m above beautiful native forest. You experience high speeds mixed with absolute quiet while admiring the 1000 shades of green below.

The World's longest flying fox adventure in Nelson! FIND OUT MORE

The Thrill

Securely fastened in one of four racing car seats in the Skywire chair, your ride takes you both forwards and BACKWARDS for nearly ten minutes of thrilling adventure. The first 800m freewheeling drop can reach 100kph yet many say the fast backwards run is the most unforgettable moment. Universally appealing to all this unique concept attracts those who want a thrilling ride yet also feel secure in the highest standard of equipment safety.

Combo option

A ride on the Skywire can easily be combined with any of our famous quad bike tours for a great half-day of adventure! If you wish to ride on the Skywire only, please allow about an hour to complete the trip. This will include a minibus ride up to the Skywire base where you can see stunning coastal views. Your journey has an optional nature talk including a visit to the stunning Mareikura (noble lady), the world’s oldest Matai tree.

Hours of Operation

The Skywire is weather dependant (Will not operate in heavy rain or high winds). It is not necessary to book, you can just come on out and as soon as we have a driver available we will take you up the hill. If you would like a firm time you can book via our online booking or give us a call.

Open Daily from 9am-4.30pm

All Flyers must be over 1.2metres in height

Combo Deals Available